Computer Repair in Lansing MI – Who To Choose?


Get Your Computer Repaired in Lansing Now. 

We have the lowest rates in town! See Below.

It is likely you’ve arrived here because:

  • You are having computer problems and you need fast service and you don’t want to pay a lot of money or
  • You think that you might have a hard drive problem if you haven’t backed up your files or you need files rescued from a hard drive or
  • You are experiencing errors or programs freezing or locking up or
  • You are concerned that you may have a virus or spyware infection you need to find a local service that is fast and affordable or
  • You have lost access to the Internet and you need to reconnect your PC to your home network
  • You have purchased a new printer or other upgrade and you want to have it installed on your computer.

We understand that a sudden and unexpected computer problem can turn a good day into a bad day very quickly. All you really want to do is Our computer talks to yours!have the problem fixed as quickly as possible without having to pay hundreds of dollars for a service call. Regardless of what sort of problem you’re having you come to the right place. (division of Computer Redicare Inc.) is located in Haslett Michigan on the Eastside of Lansing MI. is specialized in on-site , carry-in and remote computer repair services. We repair all makes and models computers including (DELL, HP, Compaq, Sony, IBM, Gateway, Acer, eMachine, and all the rest) Your virus, networking, hardware, software, blue screen error, or any other problem at your home or business can be repaired in a snap by a local computer technician and at an affordable price.

Our services include but are in no way limited to:

  • FREE Diagnostic and estimate.
  • Computer “Optimization” & personalized advice.
  • Computer Data Recovery (to your backup drive)
  • Hardware and software upgrades and parts replacement.
  • Virus & Spyware Removal (also available with remote service)
  • Internet Connection Problems / Home Networking Services
  • Windows Errors/ OS Installation and upgrades / Slowdowns
  • Antivirus installation or upgrade
  • Operating system reinstallation (for the more troublesome situations)


Image of RAM memory module.We can troubleshoot, update, upgrade, rebuild, install, reinstall, diagnose, and maintain, all Windows compatible hardware and software in any Microsoft Windows compatible computer system at your home or business, on-site, in our shop, and remotely. A friendly qualified technician is available now to answer your call to answer your questions, give you an estimate, make your appointment, and get you back on track as quickly as possible.

Here is a description of the three different types of service that we offer.

  • Remote Computer Repair This is the fastest, easiest, and at at a special low $35 flat rate, the least expensive option available. It is always advised to try this option first because if we fail to eliminate your problem remotely you don’t have to pay for it and you are free to try one of the next two options. Even if your computer won’t start, or fails to connect to the Internet, give us a call and we’ll walk you through some steps to help you get connected. Once connected, you can watch on your screen while we repair your computer remotely. This type of service typically takes 30 to 60 minutes but can take longer if deeper scans are needed to detect and remove the problem. Regardless of how long it takes the cost for this service remains $35.
  • In Shop Computer Repair If your computer crashes or reboots itself or simply won’t start, then this is the option for you. There are several flat rates that apply for our in shop service. The hourly rate is $45 which is also the minimum charge for in shop service. This means that if you choose to discontinue repairs after the diagnosis you still must pay the minimum rate. Our diagnosis is a complete diagnosis meaning you will know exactly what is wrong with your computer (no guessing) and we will inform you as to the precise steps it will take to repair it. If you choose to discontinue repairs the $45 minimum charge also includes backing up of your important personal data to the media of your choice so that it can be placed on another computer. Other flat charges available are $67.50 for virus removal/tune-up and $112.50 for a complete reinstall of your operating system with updates and optimization. If needed, any labor for hardware replacement and installation is included in the flat rates listed above.
  • On-Site Computer Repair Almost any kind of repair can be done on-site including: upgrades, installs, and virus removal. The $45 hourly rate applies. There may also be a travel charge if you are beyond the immediate service area. It should be noted that in the case of a virus infection extensive scans may need to be completed to detect and remove the problem. This can take anywhere from one to several hours to complete. In this case the normal hourly rate of $45 per hour would apply.